High Performers Vs Mediocre Performers

A consistent observable trait between high performers vs mediocre performers is that high performers make more and deep sacrificial effort and mediocre performers make lesser sacrificial effort.

All humans operate (inevitably) in work – rest / relaxation cycles.

For high performers, it usually so happens, that the intensity and focus, the dedication and drive and willpower with which they perform their work is much higher, persistent and consistent, and hence they have “more intense” work cycles. Consequently, if they NEED, more intense relaxation cycles. So the graph of the intensity (of work or relaxation) Vs time has huge peaks as far as high performers are concerned.

In contrast, mediocre and low performers in life, don’t really care about intense work cycles. They are in the phone/zone of doing the bare minimum to get by. Thus they don’t need intense relaxation cycles.

We all have been high performers during some phases of our lives and mediocre performers during other phases.

We have a choice to make, as to whom to be.

Are we going to aim big or be happy with small rewards like Netflix and Youtube binge watching, eating from food delivery apps etc.

It’s a question each human has to ask and answer for themselves. It literally boils down to whether a human wants the big rewards in life, little later, little less frequently(building a great company, writing a very good book, creating something) or they want a constant stream of very small rewards (Eg: instant gratification via Netflix, Youtube, multimedia, porn, food, alcohol and substance abuse, social media etc)

Its a choice that each of us makes, during moments of our being.

Note: Additional Remarks – High Performers usually go all in on the Performance side or on the relaxation side. The intensity and commitment to performing or to relaxing is more. High performers are somewhere aware that this is their one life and this is their one shot at living it and hence are in the habit or making full effort at whatever they are indulged into.

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