Sacrificial Effort vs Mediocre Effort

A person can only truly have one Primary value at a given point in space time that they can optimise for via making sacrificial effort.

If there are competing values, then, there is always a trade off.

Eg: A family man can only prioritise his family or his job/business as his highest virtue but never both.

Sacrificial effort can only be made in the direction of one venture/avenue and not many at a time.

A person can have only one highest value that he/she is chasing, via making sacrificial efforts.

If a person is making efforts to achieve / optimise for multiple goals at a time, then, it follows that they necessarily are not doing all they could have for achieving one single goal, ergo, taking away the sacrificial effort from that one particular goal.

Hence, if a person has more than one goal, more than one value that they are chasing after, they can only perform in a mediocre manner, since logical human motivation will not allow the, to make day to day choices to optimise for two or more distinct goals that have distinct action plans/routes in order to be pursued. Choices that need to be made on a day to day basis in order to optimise for one goal will necessarily take away the effort/resources that one could have thrown at other goals.

Thus, one can only optimise with all of ones heart and soul, blood, sweat and tears, towards only one highest personally chosen value at a time, via making sacrificial effort.

Anything else is just making mediocre effort towards mediocre outcomes because of not being fixated at one highest value/purpose.

It takes a greater yes to say no to other smaller things. A deeply alit burning fire of optimal day to day performance can’t be alit unless one has a singular purpose and is focused on it with all one has got.

A multitude of purposes, naturally leads to mediocrity. Our dopamine drive can only be fixated on optimising one singular main purpose in life. All other purposes automatically become secondary in the lieu of this one Singular Highest Personally chosen Purpose.

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