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I am Prof. S. P. Patil. My nom de plum (pen name) is Zenith Athang
I am an alumnus of IIT Bombay. I have completed my Bachelors in Technology in Electrical Engineering from IIT Bombay (Batch of 2007)
I am passionate about teaching Physics to Pre-University aspirants, JEE and NEET aspirants
I have started teaching in 2007, and have enjoyed sharing the joy of Physics with many students. I typically prefer the hardest problems related to Physics and enjoy it when students are sincere in attempting the solution and ask me doubts
I teach in a happy-go-lucky manner and focus efficiently on problems and doubts. In Physics, as in any science-math related subjects, solving the problems diligently and iteratively improving our understanding is the key. Please check out some of my students’ reviews below

Testimonials and Success Stories of Some of My Students

Saurabh Parekh


My experience at Paathshala is wonderful; the teachers are very helpful, they provide personalized attention to the student. I studied for about 5-6 hours daily. I gave more time to the subject I was weak at. I revised the topics done in the class daily. And this helped me a lot in improving my scores in the exams. I also learnt how to manage my time and how not to make silly mistakes. The professors are knowledgeable and I give them a rating of 10/10. I was also counseled about the opportunities available to me after successful completion of JEE. I am planning to do Mechanical Engineering at IIT

JEE Advanced AIR 674
JEE Main Score 276
JEE Main AIR 2067
CET 179
Boards 89%

Eligible for Admission || All Top 7 IITs | Top 3 NITs, BITS Pilani and all Top 10 demeed and reputed universities

Admitted into IIT Bombay for B-Tech in Mechanical Engineering

Mr. Jayesh Parekh | Father of Saurabh Parekh


It is a good thing that Paathshala is providing personalized attention to students. This helps students to ask their doubts and also the professor to gauge the understanding of the student. It helps them to gain confidence when the concepts are cleared and the results will be definitely good. I will give 100% credit of Saurabh’s success to Paathshala as they are service oriented.

His ward Saurabh Parekh got admitted into IIT Bombay for B-Tech in Mechanical Engineering

Nihar Mhapankar


To merely explain my experience and emotions with Paathshala with a few words ? Oh Boy! It’s going to be a task between the Devil and the Deep Blue Sea. My 2 year experience here was an adventure. Professors here helped me a lot in teaching, doubts, concepts clarification. I would say they are true experts of their subjects. The professors here are the best! The environment and ambience of the classrooms was far beyond my expectation. Good infrastructure, comfortable benches, quality teaching facilities, you name it! Learning here was fun and the environment maintained by the teachers was cherry on the cake. Our senior students also gave us the information about the mighty class in our 11 Std. I was also given the right guidance about the books to be referred to in addition to the study materials provided. I would rest my case on a final note that, if Paathshala is given the opportunity to compete at the higher level, it would gain all the honours and respect it truly deserves!!

Admitted into Lokmanya General Medical College for M.B.B.S | NEET (UG)

Dr. Tushar Mhapankar | ENT Surgeon | Father of Nihar Mhapankar


My experience with Paathshala is absolutely fantastic. In the beginning itself, Professor Sagar Sir had given Nihar a view of the goal and how to reach that goal and how to start. Taking admission here did wonders for Nihar. The way of teaching by the faculties was very good as Nihar was very enthusiastic and loved going to Paathshala classes without missing even a single class. All the credit for Nihar’s success in the exams goes to the staff and faculty of Paathshala

His ward Nihar Mhapankar got admitted into Lokmanya Tilak General Medical College for M.B.B.S | NEET(UG)

Mr and Mrs Koparkar | Chartered Accountants | Parents of Advait Koparkar


The most striking thing you experience with the professors of Paathshala is their passion for teaching and the mastery over the subject that makes a huge difference from the perspective of a student. They are very interactive with the students. The professors could clear the conceptual doubts of each student. They connect well with the students in solving their doubts. Professors are frank in their feedback without mincing words. – Mr and Mrs Koparkar

Their ward Advait has been admitted into BITS Pilani Goa for B-Tech in Electrical Engineering

Sachit Shanbhag


My experience at Paatshala was very good. The one thing I liked here is that they provide great academic support which helped me excel in all the subjects. The professors are experienced and provide us in depth knowledge of the subject. My scores improved a lot in all the subjects. For the future batches of Paathshala, I will say that you should stick to the portion and the study material that is provided. Whenever you have doubts, get it cleared with the professors. The study materials, the class notes and the assignments given at the class are enough for getting good marks in JEE. I also got to know tips and techniques and time management strategies from the counselor which were very helpful. My rating of Paathshala is 10/10 as the staff and faculty are very supportive.

Admitted into IIT Bombay for B-Tech in Chemical Engineering

Mr. Subhash Shanbhag | IIT BHU Alumnus | Father of Sachit Shanbhag


As a parent, I am happy that personalized attention was given to Sachit and he got the concepts cleared from the professors. It is important to stay focused on studies in these two years and after you have mastered the concepts, then move to the next level.

His ward Sachit Shanbhag got admitted into IIT Bombay for B-Tech in Chemical Engineering

Rijushree Saha


I owe all the credit of my success to Paathshala Education. I used to get a lot many doubts and all those got clarified due to the dedication of Paathshala Education. I can say that my days in Paathshala were some of the most memorable ones and I will never forget how much I developed as a person as a result of Paathshala Education

Admitted into Kasturba Medical College, Manipal University for MBBS | NEET(UG)

Soumil Kelkar


The faculty at Paathshala was very good; they helped me in learning the concepts really well. The classrooms and infrastructure radiate the concept of education and that keeps us focused on studies all the time. The Academics and the Test modules were very helpful. Earlier I had no idea of what type of questions would be asked. These modules helped me on not only how to solve the paper but also time management. The Academics modules helped me understand the concepts well for my college exams as well. For the future batches in Paathshala and JEE/NEET aspirants, my advice would be, not to panic or stress. One has to only study hard, understand the concepts well and solve maximum number of previous years’ questions. I motivated myself to prepare well for the exams without getting stressed; listening to music in my spare time was a booster. Some of my school friends used to ask me questions from other institutes’ module which I could easily answer. So, by being a student of Paathshala, I had the competitive advantage over students from other institutes.

Admitted into Indian Institute for Science Education and Research (IISER) Pune for B.Sc in Physics

JEE Main | 98.96 Percentile
JEE Advanced Score | 159
JEE Advanced Rank | 4721 
IISER | 134/180
BITSAT | 340
CET | 178/200
XII Boards | 95.6%
Eligible For | BITS Pilani
Selected for | IIT Kharagpur | B-Tech
Secured Admission at | IISER, Pune (Indian Institute of Science Education and Research)

Mr. Kelkar | Father of Soumil Kelkar | IISER, Pune | Indian Institute of Science Education and Research

Aditi Goyal


I felt that the concepts were not cleared and understood at my college. After joining Paathshala, I got personalized attention from Professors and got all the concepts cleared. The professors had good command over the subject and were able to make me understand all the topics. I found myself in a stronger position as the concepts became clear to me. I wish I had joined Paathshala earlier.

JEE Advanced AIR 13124
JEE Main Score 180
Admitted into Institute of Chemical Technology (ICT) Matunga for B-Tech in Chemical Engineering

Ashay Katre


I had a really great experience at Paathshala. Since we were taught in small batches, it was very effective as we could understand the concepts clearly. Our syllabus was completed twice. That gave us the edge over our competitors. Our professors were friendly and understanding. Attending classes was fun. All in all, my experience at Paathshala was thrilling

Admitted into NIT Nagpur for B-Tech

Aayush Voleti


I became confident than before after I got all the concepts cleared at Paathshala. The professors are all student-friendly, they give lots of problems to solve. You need to be calm and not take any stress. To JEE Aspirants, I would say, ask your doubts to the faculty and get the concepts cleared and also solve lots of questions from previous years tests. This will give you the confidence to write the paper well and without any stress.

Admitted into IIT BHU for B-Tech

Mihir Mahajan


It is a great feeling to have been a student of Paathshala, have gotten to learn from all the professors here. Every professor has taught me valuable life lessons too. [After my 10th Std, I have joined a different institute but over there, my concepts were not being clarified] Hence, I have joined Paathshala later. My concept clarity strengthened with time. My frequency of solving problems without making silly mistakes has increased. Also, the time taken by me for solving each sum has reduced. This capability has become an integral part of me. I have also learnt a lot about life at Paathshala. I can feel the connection between Maths and Life. ‘Integration’ taught me that if you keep adding up small efforts, you WILL make it large despite any obstacles of ‘what to substitute’. Plus, you will get the added bonus of ‘+C’ in the end. It’s your life, make it large!

Admitted into BITS Pilani Goa for Dual Degree Program in Economics

Owais Chunawala


JEE Advanced AIR 2636*
CET 177
Eligible for | All Top 7 IITs, Top 10 NITs, BITS Pilani

Secured Admission at IIT Bombay for B-Tech in Chemical Engineering

Rujuta Ghorpade


Before joining Paathshala, my experience with another institute was not good. At Paathshala, I was able to understand the concepts of the subject clearly and became confident and interested in the subjects. The professors taught me from the basics of 11th standard and made me capable of solving MCQs of JEE Main level quickly. Also, I was made to solve lots of questions from previous years’ tests. I could understand the questions and what I am supposed to answer. I would advise the future batches of Paathshala to stay focused on studies, clear your concepts of each topic and solve as many questions as possible. And beware of the marketing strategies used by the coaching classes and don’t fall prey to them. I did initially fall prey to such tactics and joined a different class before joining Paathshlala and had to leave it eventually.

Admitted into Narsee Monjee’s Shobhaben Pratapbhai School of Pharmacy for B-Pharmacy

Dhwani Kakkad


NEET 625 / 720

Secured Admission at HBT Medical College And Dr. R N Cooper Municipal General Hospital, Juhu, Mumbai

Devansh Bangad


Irrespective of the exams I was to appear I was counseled by the professors who taught me how I should crack the exam without difficulty. They taught me how to manage time effectively while solving questions. The professors cleared all my conceptual doubts in such a way that I could put them into application and use them to solve the problems correctly. For the JEE aspirants, I would like to say that study all the concepts but do a smart study. Revise whatever you have learnt thoroughly and solve maximum practice questions.

Admitted into IIT Bombay for B-Tech in Energy Sciences

Indu Ilanchezian


JEE Main 203

Secured Admission at IIIT Bangalore

Arunima Singh


JEE Advanced AIR 2130*
BITSAT 306 (Eligible for BITS Pilani)
CET 175

Secured Admission at IIT Delhi for B-Tech in Biotechnology Engineering

Manjiri Vichare


My experience at Paathshala was mind-blowing. Here the students are taught in small batches and so the Professors were able to give good attention which is very good for the student. The Professors clear all our doubts easily, they encourage us to ask questions and are very supportive. After the JEE Main, some of my friends, mentioned to me they did not do well. But for me, thanks to Paathshala, I performed much better than the others. This is because Paathshala conducted various Chapter Wise Tests, later on the Full Syllabus Tests were given. The level of tests at Paathshala were also higher so that we do not get nervous during the actual exam. The counsellors and professors were co-operative and helped us in time management, suggested what additional books to buy and to how to solve extra papers at home. For a JEE aspirant, I would suggest, the preparation should start from XI Std itself without taking any stress. There should be very less use of mobile phone for these two years and the student should be focused only on studies. I have good memories of studying at Paathshala that I will cherish

JEE Main 90.98 Percentile

Admitted into KJ Somaiya College of Engineering for B-Tech in Mechanical Engineering

Kedar Khapre


JEE Main 125

Secured Admission at BITS Pilani, Goa for BE in Chemical Engineering

Darshit Trevadia


Secured Admission at IIT Kanpur

Lalit Duseja


JEE Advanced 178
JEE Advanced AIR 10331
JEE Main 150
CET 173
Boards 89%

Secured Admission at COEP, Pune for B-Tech in Mechanical Engineering

Vivaan G


I have enjoyed and experienced the journey here at Paathshala Education. The faculty is good, the study material provided are good. The professors have really guided us well. I have put in a lot of effort, even the faculty were putting a lot of effort in making me understand the concepts very well. The Paathshala Education Academics and Test module and also the other resources were nice and really helped me in solving a good amount of questions. Any doubts in the content, I could ask the Professors any time. Regular problem solving helped me increase my level. During this period, I restricted myself to only about very limited mobile usage. I had a competitive advantage over my friends who were studying at other classes because the Paathshala module questions were definitely at a higher level with proper solutions. For a JEE aspirant, I would say that you need to focus thoroughly on studies in these 2 years, and also not to get distracted by others.

Admitted into BITS Pilani Goa for BE

JEE Main 98.1 Percentile
JEE Advanced AIR 12652 

CET Score 99.82 Percentile
CBSE Boards 95%
BITSAT 336/450

Kaustubh Gaikwad


JEE Main 115

Secured Admission at PICT, Pune (Pune Institute of Computer Technology) for B-Tech in Computer Science Engineering

Siddharth P


Secured Admission at BITS Pilani

Jatin Panchal

My experience at Paathshala was superb. The teaching of all professors is at higher level as well as simple so that all students can understand well. The management, classes schedule is the best. I felt comfortable to study and I have improved so much compared to how I was till 10th Std. I am feeling proud to have been a student of Paathshala

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