The Dopamine Drive Mechanism

Dopamine drive is one of the most important concepts to be known and realized. It related to what we fixate our dopamine mechanism on.

It is business success? It it porn or video games or binge watching Netflix?
It is getting and keeping our bodies fit, healthy and lean? Or is it over eating and binge eating w/o caring about the health related consequences.
Is it creating books, podcasts, media, blogs and posts or is it consuming content on the internet and social media.

Whatever we fixate our dopamine drive on gets accelerated in life.
If we fixate our dopamine drive on activities we consider as non-productive, then our life will get accelerated in the direction of lack of productivity.

We have only a finite amount of time, energy, willpower – dopamine drive, each day. It depends on us on what we want to fixate our own dopamine drive on. Whatever we fixate our dopamine drive on increases and progresses and other things recede in our life compared to that one thing or those few set of things.

We decide what’s important for us knowing full well about the slippery slope fallacy and about about opportunity costs of our decisions and actions. It’s best to fixate our dopamine drives on the things that we want to consciously and rationally achieve in life over the long run.

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