Zenith Athang

Hello Universe!

Zenith Athang

I’m a Zenith (nom de plume), a professor and an entrepreneur by profession, and a passionate Physics student by being, and I here and now in spacetime, welcome you to my home on the internet. I have a travelling lifestyle and trot from city to city and country to country researching Physics and marveling at the truth of how things work

I am generally interested in the simplest possible explanation of reality. My musings include the areas of – Physics, Economics, Literature, Poetry and Linguistics, Puzzles – Chess – Rubik’s Cubes, Travel, Fashion, Personal Efficacy, Yoga, Dance, Exercise and Fitness, Interhuman Relationships, Business and Entrepreneurship

I would like to pass on what I have learned and found valuable in the form of books, digital courses, seminars and events, and in this journey, while alive on planet earth

I would like to meet touch and be touched by the lives of many deserving, aspirational humans who live alongside me and absorb energy from the sun and elevate consciousness to new degrees

I welcome you to be a part of my journey, our collective journey together

I will be earnestly grateful for any and every bit of support (including good wishes) thrown my way and will work hard to reciprocate, with documenting and sharing my knowledge, with whatever little I have learned about the human experience of life

Hasta la Vista!

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