The Captain

Increasing the net worth by an individual, is the game of being a captain of the ship. Entropy keeps happening and distorting the nature of things. The captain gets to rest sometimes & at other times, the captain has to steer the ship & train and instruct his shipmates to sail to the shores of …

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The way we think

We think beyond what we put in words. For instance, our brain and eyes are always in-putting information and putting information out in the form of words sometimes. But at other times, the brain is behaving as per instinct, as per the neural microstructure in order to maximize biological imperatives. Eg: If you are being …

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Life is finite and we are all going to die. Before we die, we experience biological desires. We can experience the emotional feelings of peace, joy, bliss, happiness, and calm if these are the things we seek, when no impending biological desires are harassing oneself and depleting one’s energy. So, it’s important to focus on …

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