“Brute force” and “Following Intuition” are the names given to the decisions that are too complex to be explained by computing mathematical probabilities of events to derive utility in the world/vs their costs, taking into consideration the concept of Opportunity Costs as well [Brute Force & the Probabilistic Cost-Benefit Analysis]

So, brute force is what we say to ourselves to stop the probabilistic computations of various possible event trajectories that are too difficult to compute due to lack of data, compute power of the human brain, randomness in the world etc.

Brute force points towards and urges us on the Intuitive Action Plan that we know is correct in our heart, but cannot necessarily be put into mathematical syllogistic logic due to the randomness, environmental variables and & life being too complex and multivariate, because of which, we cannot compute the cost of an action plan in comparison to its benefits. Sometimes, the cost maybe too high and the cumulative benefits too low or cumulative benefits may even be negative at times. Cost also entails psychological, mental stability, mental, turmoil related costs as well as opportunity costs, costs of time, money, energy etc. basically the hypothetical cost computation involves all types of costs.

So, just trust & use Brute Force effectively when faced with such situations in life, without going into computations.

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