Mental Models for Zen Mode Success & Happiness

📑 Cost of my self chosen freedom. That’s exactly also why not to pursue luxuries and live with financial frugality in an Epicurean Minimalism. That is the neurological cost of freedom. By being so, we are programming, orienting & maintaining the orientation our neurones towards freedom from comparison and most materialistic desires. We think of and provide for only what we want irrespective of what others may or may not have. We compare with only our own needs and Epicurean Minimal wants and let go of other things. By letting go of other things and not comparing with others, we earn the gift of freedom which keeps us in Zen Mode and enables us to achieve Zen Mode Success & Happiness in life.

📑 Shouldn’t compare with luck, shouldn’t feel bad if your compete with others luck & don’t win because they were luckier. Cant compete fairly & win against the lucky, nor with those who resort to cheating and unfair means to win, compromising their own virtues, ethics & zen modes of life.

📑 The ‘Independence from past inaccuracies’ model:
▫️Past inaccuracies & mistakes shouldn’t adversely affect the Happiness not of Present & Future moments. Life is too precious & valuable for such immaturities. Similarly, present and future life trajectories should also not be affected by past inaccuracies, at least internally. If externally, any negativity happens, then we will make a cost benefit analysis of that future situation & hence decide the thenceforth plan of action if and when such events happen and till such a time, we will assume that no such events will occur so that we can function happily & most effectively in the present moments in the personal Zen Mode.
▫️Brute Force in letting go and living life, not engaging or indulging in action plans that were not originally a part of my own life trajectory, and hence not wasting precious time in life
▫️The Internet Opportunity is too good and well suited for my talents and skills, to miss out on. It’s the best opportunity to actualise my skills and realise my highest potential & shouldn’t be missed out because of any past inaccuracies. I cannot, should not & will not let go of the greatest, most suitable opportunity that has been provided to me as per my skills and talents, and preferred methodology of living. In Warren Buffett’s terms, this is an arena where I have “natural advantages”. If any hiccups/speed breakers appear/come up in the present or future moments because of past inaccuracies, we will calmly, aptly handle them with suitable action plans(s) and will move past them towards further zen mode success and zen mode happiness in life. Trust that the amount of value that you have to offer to this world and the interest of people in consuming that value for the sake of enhancing their understanding and lives, supersedes any hindrances you may or may not face on your path.

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