Wealth Mindsets for Freelancers – Part 2

📑 Whether you be rich or you be poor, you are going to have the same temperate/moderate level of lifestyle and cheap pleasures regarding food etc. So the extra money you earn matters not for you but only for the donations you will be able to make, people you will be able to fund to help humanity beyond yourself.

📑 Freelancers Shouldn’t compare with:

▫️Lucky People who were lucky to get wealth
▫️People Living on Credit
▫️People who sold their freedom to earn money
▫️People who cheat the market/system/destroy the public commons for their selfish gains

📑 If your observe envy asiring inside the brain on seeing someone else’s surroundings/environment, note that they probably are bored of it and you would too if you are kept in the same surroundings. One human can ‘own = rent for a lifetime’ only one set of surroundings/environment.

📑 The battle/race against time, bill collectors, Income Tax Collectors (Government) happens each and every day, while you work to earn past your lifetime spending + savings. This is the battle / race that life inevitably places you in. Recognise that you are inevitably in this race condition unless you truly earn & save retirement funds.

📑 Everytime you are frugal & sacrifice for saving money, even though you have plenary of money in the bank, remember that that frugality is the cost of your own personal freedom. You sacrificed in that moment for your own personal freedom that you shall enjoy for many other moments of your life. This sacrifice helps your live better at other moments and is well worth it for yourself. Thus you maximise the overall satisfaction in living life.

📑 Every time you sacrificed some amount of success because of your self-chosen work vector, just realise that, that is the price you paid to be optimally righteous and still be able to live and succeed on this planet earth, during these spacetime co-ordinates.
So, towards the left of the chosen work vector are the places/points/action trajectories I have voluntarily sacrificed to be as optimally righteous as I could be. This is important to note and keep in ones mind.

📑 If you do want to enjoy some small pleasure(s) once in a while, remember the 90%-10% savings:spendings principle or the 95%savings 5%spending/expenses principle.

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