Wealth Mindsets for Freelancers – Part 3

📑 Incase of Purchasing Power Parity differences bother you, freelance online via the internet (Sales Processes only) & cover the gaps of Purchasing Power as much as you can.📑 Incase you find that the sales process can’t be automated w/o you, remind yourself that this is a person(you) dependent sales process. Media 1(Photon), Media 2(Physics & Life), Self Entrepreneurship in Paathshala (Finding people)+Code, Stock Market investments are the arenas of scaled, compounded success. Be thankful that you are in a position to take care of only sales as opposed to sales and service delivery. In cases you don’t meet your sales target, you go ahead & do some minimal service delivery(selling your time per hour) in order to achieve your monthly targets as well. In case you get frustrated with the time dependency of the sales process, use that energy to focus more on the other avenues of compounding success & try & achieve productivity and success there, but also in an outcome independent, detached manner, because we don’t know how much success may happen in those avenues as well.

📑 When there is a business loss due to oversight/complacency/unavailability of a manager including yourself/decision making mistakes of yourself or others etc, take it without letting the ZenMode getting disturbed because life is a marathon and not a sprint. It’s much more like an infinite game, than a finite one. Learn the lessons together, treat people well to compound relationships effectively and wisely, and avoid mistakes in the future. By letting the negativity associated with some losses go, you gain the freedom to be in the ZenMode at all times making you an effectively better lifelong, long term player in the game of life.

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