The hindrance(s) to day to day work and how to overcome them

The main hindrance is: The Poor & the unfortunate that we see around us.

The answer is – to plan to be successful faster so that you can do something to set up Game B dynamics around the world in order to help the unlucky unfortunate ones do better in life. So retire fast & focus on setting up Game B systems in the world. Being half hearted or halting work and defaulting into the compute non-active inaction filled state isn’t going to help because your will just stay stagnant and on the stop & end up not helping anyone in particular.

Unless I myself am whole & satisfied, I cannot exponentially(by solving root problems in a final compounding towards effectiveness manner) help others with a free mind(Eg: if my parents are ill, Or I am ill, I can’t think of helping others 1st because of the default nature of human biological programming). So healing self traumas and trauma of agents & enabling them in other ways too, will help Game B Dynamics, & thus will be the best laid action plan. Hence, no excess spending, living minimalistically, and retiring early by making extreme, excess sacrificial effort is very important.

The Work & Wealth Vector has to be effectively chosen such that it doesn’t harm the epistemic information commons or any other kind of commons as much as possible & it helps one get to retirement fast, effectively & efficiently. This apt choice of work vector is made by pursuing a freelancing career in Teaching & subsequently EntrePreneurship in Education. This work vector does not do harm to the epistemic commons and it helps me and humanity move towards GameB. This is a good way of acquiring power & influence rather than the 9 to 5 slavery of the Giant Co-operations that play the Sociopathic Power Game.

4 thoughts on “The hindrance(s) to day to day work and how to overcome them”

  1. Post retirement and posthumous donation of time, expertise and wealth seems to be the correct answer. Choose the work vector aptly so that you don’t have to compensate for the potentially negative ho points & thus decreasing the efficiency & progress towards the greatness coefficient.

  2. One should not do & undo in general. That’s inefficient with respect to compounding effort & wealth & effectiveness and hence, its best to choose the work path such that it itself is in synergy with Game B or at least its not opposing game B vigerously, that is its a Neutral work Path in the overall scheme of things.

  3. One important realisation is that we had no part in creating the unfair systems of the world, hence, we don’t have a fundamental responsibility to rectify them or eradicate the unfairness.

    We have only as much responsibility to as is the power bestowed upon us by luck (our lucky positioning in the system).

    Moreover, if given a free choice, we would certainly choose fair systems & compete in a fair manner. That’s the implication about our own Greatness Co-efficient. The willingness to setup fair systems and to set up fair systems as much as is possible in our violation, is that adds positively to the Greatness Co-efficient.

    Achieving our goals w/o hurting or harming anyone else, also adds to the Greatness Coefficient.

  4. Early effort and work hours and effectiveness are crucially important for any startup. So don’t let any more time get wasted. Stop the wastage of time with FIST & Brute Force if necessary. Let intuition guide you to effort and victory.

    This is very crucially important. Already a lot of time has been wasted.

    There has to be a sense of urgency and an early start to maximise the chances of success for any startup. Now henceforth, kindly don’t squander any more time else you are losing at the margins of your possible potential accomplishments. Every second wasted has huge adverse consequences that are felt down the road, that really exist even if not sensed by the mind when indulged in the wastage of time due to any reason whatsoever.

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