Inspiration for day-to-day work (This will get us out of day-to-day laziness and into working hard towards our Greatness Goals)

Regret Minimization.

Increasing the Greatness Co-efficient in this lifetime.

Earning Retirement Capital in a Power Corrupted/Skewed WinnerTakeAll Economy, also given the fact that doing things in a half hearted manner will imply double or more the number of man hours needed to amass retirement capital. Half-hearted work is quite ineffective & inefficient. It’s best to get it done fast and efficiently. Minimise daily expenses in the process.

Avoiding drowning & ensuring the safety of mom-dad (my parents), myself, family and kin. Enabling close friends to secure themselves and rise up in life as much as possible. (this anti drowning reason should be used the least because it’s playing too close to my own safety & heart)

PS: Apt 90%-10% breaks and rest periods will be given/aptly self-assigned for enjoyment(dopamine based), rest & relaxation. This is how you regret minimise over the course of a lifetime.
In any case, w/o the excess resources(& Power/Fame Signalling), One cannot achieve the MSED targets efficiently, so as per cost benefit analysis, it’s inefficient to pursue them by expounding precious time and try to come back and increase Greatness Success. That way the success that can be had by co-relating it somewhat with effort will definitively be had with a greater probability effectively minimising overall regrets. Else, we would have sacrificed Greatness Co-efficient Increase for what shitty quality of MSED.
Pls note that during the 10% time given to MSED, no work will happen as it’s like a drug, will hijack the limbic brain hormonally & hence keep away from work/bad decisions during that phase.

In this 90%-10% principle, you keep achieving positive points towards the Greatness Co-efficient & go well beyond the Retirement Capital required. Later decide whether to invest/donate that wealth beyond the retirement capital during your lifetime or after it.

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