Self Constructed Gamified Protopia in Day to Day Reality

Just Gamify your peri personal space and your own reality & expand it in a detached Gamified Manner considering Life to be an Infinite Game. Shift from NAC Playstate to playstate w/o targets in a detached “let’s see where it goes” (3rd person witness of self-reality) manner.

Important to Eliminate Time Obligations and any other day to day non compounding task Obligations from your life.

Choose Health as a compounding Game, Wealth as a compounding Game & Knowledge – Physics, Puzzles etc as a compounding game and live life as an Infinite game w/o targets or deadlines. but by just becoming better and better than yesterday, is the Probabilistic Expectation Value Optimization sense.

Move towards Protopia in compounding tasks via Gamification of correct reality, remembering to eliminate non-compounding admin task chores from day to day life in this process.

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