“Playic Wisdom” to combat the Uncertain

Borrowing from children’s exploratory psychology.

Construct 2 or 3 Games(Projects) and keep playing those games in an exploratory, outcome independent manner. Keep constructing games out of MicroSteps and play the, like playing sports in a fun, exploratory, experiential manner w/o bothering about consequences that maybe uncertain and unpredictable.

Eg: Sending that Email, should be just like a mentally constructed Game & not a Chore. If it’s seeming like a Chore, change the Game to another one headed in the similar General Direction. Try to have minimal to nil time obligations for creativity to flow freely. One May & most likely will find oneself in a state of flow & zen during many of such fun little games one has constructed for oneself. The future is uncertain & unpredictable. This Gamification of Life attitude is the best for all times. Reach a stage where you don’t have to involve yourself in ‘operations & mundane procedures’ etc.

Don’t expect or anticipate, or plan for or plan beyond success. Just construct & play present moment games.

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