The Infinite Games Mindsets | Part 02 | Zenith Athang

Assign only small, easy & enjoyable chunks of work to yourself each day to be able to run long.

The assignment should be done only for the next few moments, let’s say the next half an hour at max, WITHOUT thinking about the future beyond those 30 mins. Once this small chunk of time is in place, you should program yourself to BEST Enjoy these 30 mins ahead of you. You are going to live life only once & these 30 mins are with you only one and you have to anyway do the task(s) self assigned to you in these 30 mins, might as well enjoy these 30 mins to the fullest.

Enjoy,eat of any task happens by programming oneself to be in the present moment wrt that task and focusing on it, doing your best to eliminate the repetitive parts and focus on the creative and intellectual parts of the task. It’s very much possible to program oneself to enjoy any task that one needs to perform.

PS: Very important – any analysis about the life trajectory should not be performed during the 30 mins session in which you are enjoying the given task at hand. Any analysis should only be performed later for the time allocated for that analysis.

Zenith Athang

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