The Infinite Game(s) Mindset | Part 01 | Zenith Athang

Divide long term goals into manageable short term goals (achieve able slope ladder/mountain slope) and keep progressing

Small vectors towards the final destination(s)

Feeling of happiness or disappoint,net both should be pretty much absent. Only the feeling of doing by relaxing, exploring, “let’s see what happens”, no regrets(wrt lost time) attitude should be there.

As opposed to that, living and enjoying the present moment attitude should be there, let’s explore, “let’s see what happens”, type of an attitude should be there.

Only allocate yourself small, manageable work chunks that are still enjoyable. The moment they aren’t enjoyable, change the work. Keep the goals/destination/vision fixed, change the details/pathways to get there, rest relax on different pathways etc.

Create daily, small easily achievable tasks, and go get them. “Easily” & “small” are the important term here to go long, in the marathon infinite game of life.

Zenith Athang

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