Brute Force

Obsessive compulsive thoughts hide behind the fact that the brain can’t reason instantaneously as reasoning is complex and a long term process. It may require hours and days to reason, hence the reasoned out truth should be recorded in written/audio/video messages and thus, there will be no need to repeat the sound logic again and again while taking decisions in life.

After the logic is well thought about and well documented, the most important thing is to ignore the OC(obsessive compulsive) thoughts with the brute force of the mind and just focus on the work at hand in the autopilot mode of daily habits & routines that have been set for oneself by ones most rational self during moments of clarity and logic.

Ones biological and hormonal state changes, hence one should trust ones own clarity filled self and trust the autopilot and daily routines set up by ones own best, most clarity filled logical self.

Please note again, and again that inaction that may result from overthinking & overanalysing things is also a pathway to decreased efficiency, whereas the overanalysing and overthinking was happening to find out the most optimal efficiency filled path in life. So inaction may lead to exactly what was intended to be avoided in the first place.

Don’t necessarily love the job, just get it done, in a relatively better ROTI, so that you can progress in life. Brute force your own way out of any optimisation and best path related OC thoughts, which need a long time to explain, and can’t be explained out instantaneously. Since these OC thoughts can’t be explained away instantaneously, they may lead to stagnation and paralysis and inaction and hence inefficiency, which is ironic because the OC thoughts originated to increase efficiency and make sure that one is taking the most efficient path in life in the first place. Don’t try to predict, optimise everything, only as much as you reasonably can. Since life is entropic, everything can’t be predicted and controlled as in a mathematical equation of physics. We can’t only connect the dots looking backward, not forward. We need to trust our judgement and instinct to be able to function well and that’s what has to be done by one and all. Nobody can predict it all or reason in equations format. Thus, once we have reasoned as optimally as possible, we need to focus on action & getting things done, by using brute force to ignore optimisation related OC thoughts that will ironically lead to effective inefficiency to to inaction and paralysis if indulged into.

After the most optimal logical reasoning has been indulged into and the optimal path been laid out in front of you, then, just focus only and only on getting the work don’t via brute force ignoring any repetitive OC thoughts that may arise and follow the daily routine, autopilot and habits that will lead to the most optimal, humanly predicable and plan-able efficient path to be followed. This path has been laid in front of you, now just follow it and go and win in life. Not following it will lead to decreased efficiency.

Best luck. Go ahead and achieve victory in your life.

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