☀️ Freelancer Mindsets Part 4 – Towards money earning

◽️ Make certain amounts of effort daily, towards earning money and then let go; making sure that the minimum monthly/yearly requirements are definitely going to be met. Letting go is important because the final result depends on many variables apart from our own effort.

◽️If any frustration is occurring because of business process inefficiencies, let go of that frustration by accepting the slower rate of progress compared to if you- yourself were executing that task/process. Letting go and accepting slower rate of progress keeps you calm and happy and in zen mode in day to day life.

◽️Recommend process improvements in your own preferred time, in a detached, outcome-independent manner.

◽️Basically, care only about sincere input efforts and not about intricacies of day to day operations or the extent of final results as long as the final results are exceeding minimum monthly/yearly financial requirements.

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