Why shouldn’t we continuously engage in Hedonistic Pleasures?

Because of regret minimization.

Hedonism leads to addiction & lack of motivation and is being just average in efforts & results. It leads to average efforts and average efforts lead to average and prolonged results especially in a winner take all Economy, faced with the Sociopathic Power Structures of this world.

Hedonism is the perfect recipe to stay average as far as the Greatness Coefficient is concerned.

So even if hedonism is the principle, early retirement via making excess sacrificial efforts in the key as pure Hedonism leads to Slippery Slopes down into Drowning & Regrets due to the addictive nature of the dopamine mechanisms present inside the human body.

PS: Also, please note that there is huge diminishing marginal utility of returns in any kind of hedonistic pleasures anyway, as per human psychology.
Assume you have achieved 1000 MSED pleasures. Now ponder over the meaninglessness of it.
It’s just detached from significance, because the opinions of the MSED people are shaped by evolutionary human bio-psychology, culture/sociology & self-conditioning. It’s no where linked with your own worth & value as a person nor with your Greatness Coefficient. What works is traditional GameA marketing tactics to get results in that domain, most of these marketing tactics are gimmicky and filled with the Sociopathic Power/Influence Dynamics.

Much better is to let go of MSED pleasures, because you already know the mechanism as to how they are working & focus on Pondering about Physics – Unifying Quantum Mechanics & General Relativity. That is a far greater, far more superior calling.

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