When Success is Probabilistic and Not Definitive

When success is probabilistic and not definitive, victory means trying your best and accepting the results stoically, without much emotion.

Just be curious and aware that success or failure, anything may happen in the infinite game of life. Victory is trying, as that hits the probability. Don’t go for actual wins, go for the action as a matter of sports (with you yourself being the competitor, and no one else). Thus you will be able to very easily do the best your biological human self can.

Victory is victory over the lesser your. We need to compare only with ourselves. Who should I defeat? My former self, and no one else because only I have the advantages and disadvantages of me myself. Compete with your best self. Compete with what’s humanly possible.

Zenith Athang
© highonphysics.com

2 thoughts on “When Success is Probabilistic and Not Definitive”

  1. Could I be better tomorrow than I am today? What’s possible by me? Via me. What’s the right way of being in the world? It’s attempting continually to transcend the flawed thing that you are. The meaning lays in this persistent pursuit.

    Life is tragic and malevolent, which can be induced by nature, others or self. We need some reasons to get out of bed on a terrible day. What’s the best thing that we can do? Adopt responsibility to better yourself every single day. Meaning is to be found in responsibility towards ourselves. Pick up the burdens of yourself, your family, your family. And later the world. This is self transcendence.

  2. Euphoria should correspond to actual success after it happens. Rest, relaxation, rejuvenation should correspond to daily efforts for survival & increasing the probability of success while competing with oneself.

    .5 to 1 for exercise, dance, yoga
    4 Survival (tuitions)
    3 YouTube, videos & books
    2 Networking & Instructing others

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