The Suffering of Working is better than the suffering of poverty

The suffering of work, till you reach the inflexion point (the point in spacetime where you have earned a lifetime of Epicurean Reality) and beyond is better than the suffering of poverty. Don’t have any time bound aims, just focus on the input of efforts that will compound over time.

The philosophy of avoiding the worse inverse related to the 4 pullers of Epicurean Reality, takes effort. This voluntary effort is never wasted & this self imposed, self controlled suffering is better than the suffering of poverty & non-Epicurean Reality(where one maybe bullied by reality around oneself). The Slippery Slope Fallacy(ies) will take one into a realm of extreme suffering, if one dies not indulge in the Voluntary Suffering of reaching the Epicurean Reality.

Beyond the inflexion point, you may choose to work for certain wants or desires, else choose to pursue other things like free of cost hobbies etc.

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