The Margins of Safety, wrt my personal Greatness Coefficient

a1) I or any person were just thrown on to earth & landed where we landed at birth. We did not cause the inequities on life. Moreover, to whatever extent if it were in our hands, then we would want a perfectly fair and just system of distribution of resources as per humanity’s optimal aims.

a) Work Vector in Education, one of the better trades undertaken by humanity. Ritualised discomfort of humans included to help push the boundaries of their own capability.

b) Greatness Co-efficient

c) Cosmic Physics & Humanity just being a blip in spacetime in this vast cosmos. This makes most of our earthly concerns seem small. Even if we are small, our own purpose in life is what we have got and that’s the meaning of our own life, as we have self-defined.

d) Minimalism & just earning & storing money & not spending it

e) Post Humous donation/actualisation of wealth towards GameB dynamics. Being very slow, deliberate, prudent in spending wealth, making sure it’s actually going towards GameB in an efficient manner

f) While designing a system for any third person, I/we need to give them scope. They didn’t design the inequity based system and they shouldn’t be forced to sacrifice their life for it. They need to be given a fair chance, and scope, to meet their biological imperatives, especially given the fact that their own Happiness is being inevitably attacked by people who deserve less because of externalising the harm to the commons and have obtained more (DLOMs) by luck, corrupt power, colluding with power etc.

PS: Anyway, the answer to the Question will be an ongoing subject matter, it may or may not end. I cannot and will not waste any more than than I already have in order to solve this. I have my mission in life to accomplish.

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