The Greatness Co-efficient (Opp of The Sociopathy Co-efficient)

This solves most of the problems and hence it moves us closer to the sociological solution.

The greatness coefficient is high, increases in the following conditions:

If one chooses to make the hard decision instead of the easy one and earn by contributing positively Eg: Education, Healthcare etc as opposed to negatively Eg: Selling tobacco, drugs etc

Lymbic hijacking activities when exported to the public decrease the greatness co-efficient. Eg: Porn, Selling Drugs, Alcohol, Tobacco etc.

Just sitting & consuming makes one lose the opportunity to increase their greatness coefficient.

if someone is lucky in wealth, looks etc then they will have to work even more & achieve even more to increase their greatness co-efficient.

Being capable of doing harm and doing no harm to almost no harm like Warren Buffet, also increases the greatness co-efficient.

Having more impact & achieving results for humanity does increase the greatness co-efficient, but if one is lucky then the role of luck is to be discounted from the greatness coefficient.

For people like researchers, efforts also count towards increasing the greatness co-efficient & results also have a role to play in increasing the greatness co-efficient. Whatever role luck has to play in increasing the greatness co-efficient will be discounted.

People who indulge in promoting & selling porn, social media, tiktok, etc, or selling drugs, alcohol, tobacco etc have negative greatness co-efficients or positive sociopathy coefficients. The negative of the greatness co-efficient can be said to be the sociopathy co-efficient.

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