The Captain

Increasing the net worth by an individual, is the game of being a captain of the ship.

Entropy keeps happening and distorting the nature of things.

The captain gets to rest sometimes & at other times, the captain has to steer the ship & train and instruct his shipmates to sail to the shores of victory.

So, being a CEO of a company or managing ones own investments is like steering ones own financial ship to the shores of prosperity. The weather may change, storms may appear and you are to sail through those storms through tough times and easy times.

It’s like driving a car in the traffic, anything can happen, one must be vigilant. In order to be able to live life, one must also be able to train others and trust others to do the job intermittently.

So, leveraging via Media, Code, Labour & Capital, increases ones own net worth & hence makes one the captain of a bigger ship. One must steer this ship 🚢 oneself or hire suitable mates to do the job in ones stead when one isn’t presently available.

Wisdom & knowledge is all around us, it depends on us as to how we use it wisely.

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