The 90%-10% Effort-Rewards principle is a great way to live life while minimising regrets

Remember that you are in a winner take all time in the human civilisation.
So you have to take pot shots at success.

90% Or 95% efforts & 10% to 5% pleasure/dopamine(for rejuvenation) makes sense periodically. Apart from work & pleasure, remember to take in rest days where you do nothing but just sleep.
‘Note that dopamine hits also drain you and are a different type of psychological effort & hence complete rest days & times are also needed for recovery of the body.

The journey is great as it’s adventurous (in terms of pushing personal boundaries) & minimises regrets, & the destination is great because of the fruits of hard labour & well deserved accomplishment in this real world. Both journey & destination increase ones own Greatness Coefficient, assuming the work vector is oriented in the correct direction.

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