Simple Moral Guides

Is doing this action better or worse for the world?

Is not doing this action worse for the world, due to the opportunity cost incurred, than taking this action?
What is the marginal difference of action A vs B?
[The principle of NOT doing or “The Inversion Principle”]

If all people in the world undertake this/similar action, with a similar logic, is it good for the world? [The principle of universality]

Deservance Increases:

▫️When one stops giving in to the temptations of greed, envy, jealousy etc (the evil within us), even when others are becoming corrupt, and hence does not do harm to the human civilisation due to being under control via mindfulness/meditation, wellness & the like.
▫️Purifying the information ecosystem(s), is one of the best ways to contribute towards humanity.
▫️If one uses unearned aspects like hereditary resources, wealth/power, status, looks, etc, for moving in the world and increasing obtainance, then ones burden to increase deservance increases. However, the most efficient way is to contribute to a larger extent, rather than denounce hereditary resources.

Zenith Athang

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