Modern Slippery Slopes, & their correspondence with ancient Sins

Luxaries: Greed (Excess Stock Market, Greedy StartUps, AntiSocial Global Multintional Corporations)

MSED: Lust Envy (Tinder, Porn)

Multimedia, Games, Dopamine: Sloth & Laziness (Netflix, Games, YouTube, Excessive Music)

Food & Sugar: Gluttony (Food, IceCreams, Candies, Sugar)

PS: It’s like we are on top of a building with these four as the slippery slope edges. We simply can’t compute the optimal way forward(given the complexity of life and the limited amount of compute power that a human brain has), so we have to follow heuristics(rules of thumb) like the 90% work 10% pleasure with apt rests in between type of a principle. Different heuristics are most applicable wrt maximising efficiency in different situations.
It’s always better to be in the exploratory phase and hence completely outcome independent so that we can stay happy and positive irrespective of what outcome our efforts end up yielding. Similarly, it’s,u here better to team up than work solo for the sake of efficiency that happens because of division of labour. Once we input efforts optimally, we also need to be able to let go. If we are too attached, we may have to face and deal with a lot of misery due to being outcome dependent and attached to the outcome(s).

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