Wealth Mindsets for Freelancers – Part 1 | Attitude a Freelancer attempting to compound should have

Put in certain X amount of efforts daily/weekly/monthly/yearly in the Correct Apt Direction for

a) Day to day sustainence (Linear in time dissipative effort – Sales is better here due to its non-linearity with the input time)

b) Scope, Compounding & Scaling (Media Content – Videos, Books, Podcasts + Digital Marketing + If it’s venture Capital backed Entrepreneurship, then Code also). Part B also includes the requisite human to human networking and building up of the social capital needed for scaling.

c) Apt Investments in the stock market

After this certain X amount of effort is poured in, then just lay back and be an intermittent observer of the results, without being too attached to the results. Being detached from excess/extreme material success allows us to live life peacefully and experience & enjoy the few moments of life that we have peacefully.

If b) and/or c) doesn’t workout, then accept your own fate and stick with a) Linear in time and dissipative effort, till the end of life. In any case, always live much below your means as per the 90%-10% or 95%-5% rules & have the discipline to save & invest whatever little you may earn and have.

In case, B or C doesn’t workout, be thankful for the fact that you, unlike most others at least go at attempt to try to increase your net-worth via B & C. Most people don’t even get this opportunity in life and are stuck with linear in time non-compounding jobs.

If any person P who exchanges their time for money is richer than you, because you adopted strategy A) in life and B as well as C didn’t work out, then, understand that the difference between the NetWorth of person P and yourself is the cost of your own Freedom & Autonomy that you have paid and gladly so, because Freedoms from boring, repetitive tasks of life & Autonomy are that much valuable to yourself, if not more.

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