The Infinite Game(s) Mindset | Part 03 | Zenith Athang

Infinite Game(s) Mindsets – Learning to enjoy the micro chunks of efforts while being still detached from the outcome is the name of the game

Very important for infinite games – programming yourself to enjoy the efforts while still being detached from the outcome. This mentality also Gamifies the efforts and keeps life enjoyable, stresfree and happy.

PS: Note that we humans are very neuroplastic and can enjoy the activities we program ourselves to enjoy, for pretty much any given activity. Programming ourselves to enjoy the micro chunks of activities and efforts means that we are able to enjoy and hence voluntarily go towards the direction of happily performing the given task. Outcome independence and detachment is important to keep things light, fun and enjoyable.

Once the given life trajectory is chosen and the micro hunk of effort undertaken, enjoying the given micro chunks of efforts and being detached from the outcome is the correct mindset to have.

If and when there are times when you feel numb, detached due to you being in the 4th dimension and looking at the world as a 4th person, just work on mechanically in a detached manner – just like playing iPad Games or Chess in a detached manner. Just keep doing the activities in a detached manner and trust that they will vector towards betterment and progress on your life trajectory that was otherwise decided.

Very useful mindset: Once we know that it’s a part of the life trajectory, and we have decided to anyway indulge in it, let’s do it happily, positively and I a happy go lucky manner.

Zenith Athang

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