How is Contribution Towards Deservance or Ethical Success Measured

Contribution = (alpha) Intension(s) + (beta) Efforts + (gamma) Impact/Results – (delta) Luck

We humans want to be Biologically successful (achievement of Resources / Wealth, and meeting our mating needs), but at the same time, we want to be Ethically successful as well.

For being successful Ethically, it’s important to contribute to humanistic businesses and causes, as opposed to limbic system – addiction based Entrepreneurship/Business/Corporations.

Being ethical and moral (towards the RHS of the HD HO Line in the deservance vs obtainence graph) ensures that we win in the long run.

The sad reality of 2021 is that this long run may span even 100s of years.

It takes real courage and moral wisdom and ethical inclinations to learn to follow the ethical strategy of operating a business, albeit be it extremely long term.
Its rather complicated as to explain to a mind that’s in the nascence of its maturity as to why following the long term ethical strategy is better for a particular individual human being as well as the entire populus of the earth.

The validity of an idea has nothing to do with its popularity. Let us understand this well.

Businesses and people fall on a spectrum.

I choose to classify businesses in the following three categories, in order to represent/model reality in language:

a) Humanistic (Good for Humanity in the long run) – Eg: Tesla Electric Cars; Education – Honestly Delivered
b) Utilitarian (Utility based, neither good nor bad Eg: Microsoft Utility Software like MS Word, Google Search Engine)
c) Addiction Causing (Bad for Humanity) Eg: The Porn Industry, Facebook, The Alcohol, Nicotine, Drugs Industry etc

Its much better to stick with humanistic businesses in order to win Ethically, not only Biologically / Materialistically.

The paradox of the human existence is that being astute gets things done.
When one is succeeding and in the leadership position, its very easy to attribute kingliness to oneself witnessing the elevated levels of competence that one sees in oneself as opposed to others. Here, the right way of thinking has to emerge, and only the right way of thinking will prolong ones victory across time and geographies.
A person who is able to lead in a particular power structure / dominance hierarchy(Eg: CEO of a company) should never think that he is the king, even of his small castle/kingdom. Instead he should think that via efforts and luck, he happens to have become an older, wiser, more mature person and since he is blessed/cursed with the power of knowledge, he has the responsibility of leading the group and later humanity at large on a path to victory in the face of the vicissitudes of life and the randomness inherently present in earthly spacetime.

Assuming once maturity and taking on responsibility is the correct way to proceed in spacetime and not by indulging in vanity or self prode which leads to arrogance and hence the eventual inevitable downfall.

Zenith Athang

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