From compulsive work to “when we please” work!

This is a critical inflexion point in the wealth(resources) acquiring journey of a homo sapien, otherwise known as the career when they no longer need to compulsively work for their epicurean reality (needs), and if they do choose to work, it’s in order to satiate the “wants” and “desires”, assuming they have already secured their Epicurean Reality for the reminder of their lifetimes.

Epicurean Reality is the presence of all essential amenities & the absence of pain.

The four wheels of the day to day Epicurean Experience of life are:

HEALTH: Physical(Diet – Nutrition, Sleep, Exercise) as well as Mental

Pride, Self Esteem: The relationship one has with oneself. Increases by creativity and/or achievement and/or contribution to humanity. Is positively correlated with deservance.

Relationships: Familial and kindred.

Wealth Acquisition.

It’s important to realise that we need to treat all the above as infinite games, as they are much more akin to infinite games, as opposed to the finite game of a competitive Entrance Exam or the finite game of Cricket or Chess.

This needs to be super posed with the work time-playtime graph in order to understand that earlier in life, it makes more sense to work harder, more and increase ones own net worth, as rapidly as one can(subject to HD HO Pride and avoiding the Slippery Slopes of Luxury Addiction(Expensive Dopamine) & Modernity Abundance Addiction(Cheap Dopamine – Video Games, Sugary & Salty foods, Multimedia Addiction, Porn, Excess Socializing, Social Media Stimulus etc)

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