Life is finite and we are all going to die.

Before we die, we experience biological desires.

We can experience the emotional feelings of peace, joy, bliss, happiness, and calm if these are the things we seek, when no impending biological desires are harassing oneself and depleting one’s energy.

So, it’s important to focus on the word “DESIRE”.

Sometimes we may see people around us wanting something, desiring it, craving for it – like a  food item or a shiny new object which they think might help them in their biological status signaling imperative.
Sometimes, we ourselves might be the person indulging in the wanting and the desiring.

The nature of biology is to make one progress. To make one’s genes progress in the mating game, in the resource acquisition game. After one desire is met, the biological internal environment in response to the worldly external environment, conjures up a new desire by default. 

If these Biological Desires are infinite and unchecked, undoubtedly, they will lead to failure or disappointment of some kind. No person can have all that they seek because the nature of the mind is to seek more after the having is over. The natural biological state of humanity is to crave for more, and more. This is fueled by the FOMO (fear of missing out) syndrome because humans see other humans having “things” and “experiences” and thus want them too. No amount of wealth can help one human being attain limitless desires.

Thus, the person who is rich in peace, is that person who has more biological fulfilment, than he desires; just like the person who is rich in wealth is that person who has more wealth than he needs or wants.

The path to peace and freedom from the nagging feeling of uncertainty & incompleteness that so readily arises biologically for most of humanity is going to be to lessen the desires & not have too many of them.

Putting oneself in environments that are low cost environments for one’s own biological triggers and they do not tax one as per one’s own biological imperatives is often a very good idea too. For instance, people who can work via the internet can live in remote low cost parts of the world, rather than expensive metropolitan cities where flashy advertisements and other people can trigger their natural biological impulses to want more and more.

We have few moments of clarity and rational thought. These are clutch moments, we have to cease the opportunity to do the best to lay out our plans in the most efficient possible manner and thus not have to rely on other moments of busy-ness and haste to make the computations of wherein to focus efforts.

Lets have desires, but few, minimalistic ones that can be probabilistically achieved in ones own geo-socio-economic environments. Only the ones that are vitally important for oneself, and let go of all the other desires. Let’s not spend time, energy resources on desires that we don’t really care much about. So that, those desires we define for ourselves, we can work the hardest towards achieving them, and be happy.

Its important to not expect more than reality can permit, because reality will never permit all of us to have all the things we always want because human wants, including those of our own are limitless when unchecked. He who fails to realize this acute truth will always seek and never arrive, and may never feel contentment and fulfillment.
Living in such a fact based reality gives one’s humility, and put’s into perspective that which is more important for oneself as opposed to that which is less and can be let gone. The knowledge that all others are on the same journey as us, gives one empathy. The realization that this is the one life we have, imbibes one with gratitude and thankfulness, knowing things could have been much, much worse than they presently are.

To design our own environment and to design the few moments of time ahead of us, most optimally, is the best we can do as humans, and we should all but be grateful for this opportunity because as our biological mind throws more desires at us and compares our level of achievements with other humans, the truth is, for each one of us, things certainly could have easily been much much worse than they currently are.

This realization, that we are on the path of doing the best we can, continually, optimally, in each unit of time, is what really sets us free. This is actual freedom.

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