Do not compete with Luck, Just expand your own Reality, Treat Life as the probabilistic game that it is. You can only try multiple times to increase the probability of your success.

At a certain point, stop computing & just FIST (Follow Intuition, Stop Thinking).

Make sure you reward yourself as well as humanity. Once your learn to do that, you will progress better.

Try to always vector towards sustainability of human life in the universe. Use Kant’s categorical imperative, Cut the pie – Choose the piece in a 2 player game, don’t offer deals that you wouldn’t take, design a world in such a manner that you are okay to land as any person in it anywhere. Adjust for luck and inequities.

Currently Richer people, currently good/better looking people, currently powerful are NOT better than you.

Have the mental model of Fatigue & Burnout at one end (hence you need to relax and rejuvenate), and Over Stimulate in hyperstimulus, that leads us to crash and burn. Life is a narrow wall to walk on between these two valleys. The richer have a wider wall.

Have the mental model of climbing and resting climbing and resting, then descending and resting. Push over till you start toppling things with your decision making and mind. Human meetings – mostly via the internet are the way to go. Have as assistant Record and Upload all Zoom meetings.

Have the mental model of the flowing river, and lucky people having a bigger bucket, unlucky people having a smaller bucket. Don’t compare with the more lucky, they are offset by the less lucky. The

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