Develop certainty in a work vector, that we can say with high confidence margins isn’t wrong and tends towards being right

This is the best that can be done, given the nature of the present human civilisation as of 2021.

Certainty is important for the sake of compounding.

Compounding is also relevant and profound if it resonates with the intuition of the general humans at large.

Being in a state of confusion as you are seeking righteousness is the opposite of being in a state of certainty and deep belief in a vision, which is a must for persistent & sacrificial efforts without which compounding of efforts and hence peak success can never occur.

So earn extra, be sure that you almost certainly did not deserve to earn that much but were able to do so via the leverages of humanity. Define and secure your own Epicurean Reality and aim to donate most of your wealth after you die(post humous donation – just like Warren Buffett). Aim to not use most of the wealth you have earned via a work vector that you can say with high margins of confidence isn’t taking the world into anti humanity directions, and preferably earned via taking humanity in positive directions forward. Rather AIM to donate most of the wealth to apt causes slowly in your later years – as an effective philanthropist.

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