Defining ones own – What Could Have beens and revising and visualising the, while Relaxing and Meditating is a very useful & efficient technique

Very useful and efficient to take oneself into the happiest state of what could have been w/o the outcome dependence.

Also during meditation, one can use Gratitude as well as the Deep Feeling of human experience that is experiencing reality with a greater depth and a greater sense of gratitude on having received this gift of life and consciousness in whatever way, shape or form.
One can also form Friendships and Dance or travel the world in ones own mind’s eye and imagination when one is in a meditative state.
Relaxing the body and putting on meditation music helps a lot and is very efficient.

My what could have been:

A lifelong place of living anywhere in the world along with food and an a small entourage, transportation(Cabs, planes etc taken care of).

Happiness, peace and contentment of my own family including my kids(if & when any).

Extreme Physics research in order to unify Quantum Mechanics & Gravity as much as is humanly possible.

Enabling others via the excess of wealth I have, to solve Global problems and giving them guidance, wisdom and understanding as to how to execute well.

MSED / LifeExperiences if I decide own any within apt cost benefit analysis, that’s not mentally(self respect, self dignity & self-esteem wise or financially costly.

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