Ramps and Slippery Slopes | Zenith Athang

Construct as Many Apt ‘Ramps’ for Yourself as You can and Avoid the ‘Slippery Slopes’

Apt Ramps subject to the self imposed Freedom & Righteousness constraints.
Never compare with others or their Ramps, and focus only on Input &nite in exact results due to the probabilistic nature of results.

Zenith Athang
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5 thoughts on “Ramps and Slippery Slopes | Zenith Athang”

  1. To get back into work zone after a long break/vacation of stimulation/dopamine, the trick is to detox heavily, remind yourself of the one & only life you have and remind yourself your own story of personal greatness & glory. Detox heavily – get bored, rest, sleep & when bored do tiny aimless constructive things, and proceed on that path. Set small goals & reward yourself with small gifts on achieving small goals.

    Getting bored, resting, sleeping is allowed but re-indulging into what caused your addiction / what’s not in the correct life trajectory isn’t allowed Eg: Career / Entrepreneurial efforts are allowed but not sitting & watching movies. Any hyper normal stimuli as well as overthinking & analysing has to be cut out and thrown away.

    Have small aims. Eg: Recording only a few video lectures on the iPad. Eg: doing very tiny amounts of exercises etc.

  2. Focus only on plan A. If plan A fails, it is then that we will construct plan B, else plan B distracts us from a plan A, so it’s ok to rest & move slowly, but focus only on Plan A.

  3. Inspiration: I will do my best to henceforward maximise the probability of making my life the greatest it can be, from the spacetime and ego-socio-economic-cultural location I was dropped on earth at.

    I will compare myself with the best. Eg: Jeff Bezos; Albert Einstein.
    Via books, & videos, I will make friends with the best.

    My products & services are the very best for students & parents. The obstacles in the way are the moat that I have that others can’t overcome.

    I will construct & achieve small goals and deprive myself from pleasure & gratification till my mini-goals’ / goal sets & targets are achieved. Depriving oneself from pleasures is a VERY key component of peak performance and maximising the actualisation on ones on life’s potential.

  4. If you don’t cutout hyper normal stimuli aggressively, then you will never actualise, reach, expand & surpass your own true best potential.

    Getting bored & sleeping is allowed, resting & meditation is allowed; small targets are allowed but hyper normal stimuli isn’t allowed.

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