Perspective Towards Investment of Time/Energy/Effort

Investment of Time/Energy/Effort may work, or it may not work, but you have to assume that it will and be hopeful.

Also, only risk that which you can afford to lose. Don’t risk it all. Never go to zero. Always have a fallback plan, safety net. Never risk it all. Spend some resources on the safety net, fallback plan that will allow you to go for the moonshot. Also, make sure you rest & rejuvenate plenty because it’s a long long long game. You have to make sure that you don’t burn out, because moonshot success is probabilistic & may or may not come, at all. So resting and relaxing in a timely manner is also very important.

Zenith Athang

1 thought on “Perspective Towards Investment of Time/Energy/Effort”

  1. Figure out what you anyway have to do, and do it happily.

    Stay away from Video based multimedia(limit it heavily), it’s your personal Kryptonite. It oversaturated the dopamine circuitry and fries it both the effort taking self regulating one as well as the non regulated dopamine circuitry.

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