Financial momentum

Decisions also depend on financial momentum. We need to know how well we are moving forward financially and what are the financially expected outcomes. Based on this, decisions can be taken and need to be taken.

The role of intuition, gut feeling, instinct

Human intellectual bandwidth, disc space, compute capability is limited. One cannot compute all the variables about one’s own life at all times and try to computational take each decision, else, one will remain paralysed by inaction, as life is complex and multivariate. Future trajectories can’t be computed in real-time, instantaneously. Hence, the role and importance …

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Brute Force

Obsessive compulsive thoughts hide behind the fact that the brain can’t reason instantaneously as reasoning is complex and a long term process. It may require hours and days to reason, hence the reasoned out truth should be recorded in written/audio/video messages and thus, there will be no need to repeat the sound logic again and …

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State – Pump

One can pump one’s state via physical exercise and stay motivated to achieve success in a given endeavor. This high state temporarily releases Adrenaline which will help you get the job done. However, over long periods of time, this method should be used as less frequently as possible for achieving a result so that long …

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