The optimal moral path in life

The optimal moral path in life is the effective HD-HO line in the HD-HO graph.

Human happiness is relative. Humans feel bad when someone is unfairly gaining something that was not deserved. So people who have unfairly gotten objects are actually degrading humanity from the path of general fairness as their existence & unfair obtainence grants a licence to other individuals to think selfishly till the time these individual(s) get to the obtainence level (In a cumulative area under the graph fashion) of those who have deserved less but obtained more (Acronym DLOM stands for Deserved less but Obtained More), the so called DLOMs of the world.

Till one reclaims the plausibly lost happiness / opportunities related to the negativity / degradation caused by the DLOMs of this world, one must just work hard to claim ones HO (Obtainence).

In this process, default inherited resources, looks, human to human networking connections and social capital, any form of luck etc are variables that need to be normalised as do things like leverage (Code, Media, Labour, Capitol) etc. to create in concept, a level playing field and then the net impact of a human on the entire humanity is what is relevant and pertinent, from their arrival to their demise.

The best of human lives are those wherein the human has created a lot of HD(deservance) for themselves by contributing positively to humanity in humanity’s aims and missions and obtained a lot of happiness i.e. HO (obtainence) in the process.

Such idealistic human lives are the ones good, “moral” humans should aspire towards.

Now in day to day lives, computing and finding out an optimal path/decisions to progress along these idealistic life trajectories is not possible at each and every single moment(due to the limitations of the human brain and the probabilistic, non deterministic, multivariate nature of human life and plans). Hence, it’s best best to lay out a general life plan and stick to it for compounding effects to kick in and effectiveness to happen. This optimally laid plan can be examined from time to time in life during moments of clarity & peace, and course corrections if any should be incorporated. This is the best that a human can hope for or do at any given point in time, in their own lives.

The role of brute force, intuition, gut feelings is also very important in progressing on such trajectories in life, because as aforementioned, computation isn’t always possible nor is it always optimal. Any form of inaction due to analysis-paralysis too can be suboptimal.

I wish one and all, the most idealistic of lives possible for themselves, and a lot of success in living those lives.

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