The important Whys?

Q: Why make effort?

Ans: To save yourself 1st from drowning & then from regrets. (The minimisation of regrets wrt what could have been)

Q: Why take apt rests in between?

Ans: Humans work in rest – relaxation & work cycles. It’s inefficient to only work w/o rests.

Q: Why make extreme sacrificial efforts instead of just efforts during the work phase of life? Why throw all towards the goals we want to achieve?

Ans: Anything that’s done in a half-hearted manner will have exponentially more chance of failing due to the power law distribution of success. 80 to 90% success comes from the most effective 20% activities so focus our 100% effort only on the most effective 20% of the activities. As per the Pareto principle, all competitive hierarchies are winner take all hierarchies. So in one is making any half hearted effort, then one will be almost certainly loosing disproportionately.

Q: Why not overindulge in rejuvenating breaks / dopamine hits?
Ans: Because that is a recipe for the slippery slopes of addiction, which will lead to inaction, drowning and subsequently regrets – the very regrets that we are trying to avoid in the first place.

Q: What does it take to be GREAT, an extreme achiever in life?

Ans: Sacrificial effort for the reasons mentioned herein, and the maturity that’s typed out in this document here.

Q: Why take rejuvenating breaks in between?

Ans: To counteract the feelings of injustice towards oneself that the DLOMs of the world directly/indirectly throw at oneself. The nature of human existence throws at oneself a feeling of injustice. Taking rejuvenation breaks periodically will give oneself a feeling of empowerment and reward after making a lot of sacrificial efforts.
‘Because life is closer to an infinite game rather than a finite game and hence if rewards/rejuvenating breaks are not given in between, then, burnout and depression from nihilism may occur, as per the natural courses of the human psyche.

Q: Why indulge in Health, Fitness, Yoga, Meditation-Experience the world deeply & express mental gratitude, Self-Care & good food & nutrition habits?

Ans: This will lead to personal efficiency and a feeling of biological pride & self-confidence in oneself and hence efficiency in all areas of life. A biologically self-confident human is more effective in life.

Q: Why have some output based hobbies wherein you are not just taking things in, but also outputting things like Chess & Dancing etc?

Ans: So that there is Creativity NAC(That is a sense of variety in creativity) and it helps one in ones own personal branding, and hence subsequent networking. NAC is generally important for human efficacy & efficiency. NAC = Neuroplasticity & Creativity.

Q: Why focus only on inputs of efforts & forget about the outputs/results?

Ans: Because heroes are heroes in actions and not in results as the results have a varying degree of luck associated with it. Refer to fooled by randomness by Nassim Nicholas Taleb.

Q: Why have a finite number of endeavours and not many because diversification is generally good, isn’t it?
Ans: Due to the winner take all nature of human existence and compounding of efforts, having less/mediocre success in many endeavours is going to much lesser than having ultra high success in some endeavour.

One endeavour to keep yourself from going broke(Selling your time)-Freelancing.

One endeavour that’s a company with investors, shareholders, employees etc (Leveraging)
Later, investments from this and/or from Freelancing can be diversified aptly in the various vehicles of investing. (That also in an Investment Vector – that maintains righteousness & self-pride by doing good to humanity to in order to deal with the aspect of helping of those more unfortunate than us. Also, the return on investments can be used to Reward oneself aptly periodically in order to counteract the DLOMness arrows of the world that get inevitably hurled at us due to the nature of human existence, that hurt our sense of fairness towards us and makes us yearn for fighting against the injustice happening towards us.

SelfBranding to create synergy between the above two as well as increase our effective per hour rate, that we are getting via freelancing.
Skills and Hobbies like Knowledge, Physics, Chess, Dancing to create self branding effectively.

Due to the compounding nature of human effort and due to the winner take all nature of human existence, the above three is what generally one human can have pour their efforts in. That’s it. Nothing more can be done due to the finite nature I.e finitude of human life and us having one those many amounts of life energy / life force in us before we die.

Q: Why is personal branding important? [Note: is my personal brand]
Ans: Because Clients, Employees, Co-founders, Investors respect & respond only to personal branding. In 2021 and beyond, personal branding is the key to success. The personal branding can be public, unlisted or private only for the inner circle of humans, however no one is successful w/o personal branding as some kind of human to human support & leverage is necessarily required for success.

Q: Why to no compute and calculate at all times and follow System 1- heuristics/rules of thumb/fast thinking?
Ans: Because computing at all times implies cognitive overload that will lead to inefficiency and possibly inaction. So compute only once and finalise a work vector and compound efforts on that work vector to be most efficient in life by relying on System 1 – Quick Thinking, Rules of thumb vs System 2 – Slow thinking and formulation of heuristics and value systems.

Q: What to do about the injustice & unfairness faced by the unfortunate in the world?
Ans: Direct your work action plan vector towards solving XRsisks & towards sustainability of humans. That is a win-win for oneself as well as humanity. This also gives oneself the conviction, courage and power of righteousness and hence one can be more efficient in ones own life, by curbing and eliminating the forcing function that tends to take humans towards sociopathy in ones own life as well as encouraging and motivating others to do the same.
‘Some part of ones life (via the effort vector)will be directed towards solving the XRisks and setting up “Fair and as far as possible anti rivalrous Game B systems” for humanity at large.

Q: Why choose the work vector aptly?
Ans: So that one gets the feeling of righteousness and deservance that is a very efficient fuel towards helping ones own psyche make a lot of sacrificial efforts. One lives with and dies with the knowledge that one has been a good, moral human being to the best of ones own capabilities and one feels a sense of superiority over the selfish and self cantered individuals who are highly corrupted due to the forcing function of sociopathic tendencies that exists in the world.
The work vector is what gives one the feeling of righteousness & deservance along with the associated pride and self esteem and will fuel ones passion towards solving global problems and helping humanity more forward sustainably.

Q: When to retire?
Ans: When you have enough wealth (including margin of safety emergency funds) saved up to:

a) Live however your want to at whatever standard of living & daily experiences(Eg: Food, Books Knowledge, Family & Relationships, Limited minimum Dopamine Pleasures like VideoGames, Multimedia etc) subject to the HDHO graph and the self defined apt & righteous work vector


b) Enough accomplishments & experiences under your belt that thenceforth in life, you won’t feel any regrets.

PS: Living life in accordance with the above mentioned principles, is how we minimise regrets, live most authentically, fruitfully and peacefully with oneself, thus leading to the most efficient possible state of ‘eudomania’ or happiness in oneself at all times.

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