Monomaniacal Focus in today’s Distracted/Dopamine Addicted age is what enables one to achieve any set goal.

Very important to avoid distractions and be very deeply focused.

Whatever dopamine based happiness you are missing, you will get to do it somewhere in the future fully & whole heartedly, at apt times, during apt vacations taken occasionally & periodically. This is how we train our psychology and setup for the marathon long game of life. I don’t know how many cycles of extreme work & extreme rest/dopamine pleasure will happen throughout the course of life but both extreme work without rest/dopamine pleasures nor extreme dopamine pleasures(which have fast diminishing marginal utility of returns) will minimise the overall regrets later in life when you finally choose to retire. In general the 90% effort 10% pleasures in a good rule of thumb for the long run. It’s important to be in control of your efforts and pleasures and set in motion apt action plans to not feel stressed. Being in control is the opposite of being confused & stressed, while in the execution zone.

Similarly, few vacations wherein your ponder about Physics, Life and generally recharge psychologically are also important intermittently (say once in 6 months or so), where you figure out the further direction to take in life, based upon your best decision making frameworks, value systems, knowledge and the best analysis your humble human brain can muster.

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