Chasing Hedonistic Pleasures in conjunction with Minimalism

It’s perhaps okay to plan for & experience hedonistic pleasures as a part of being human in this world, but with considering the net dissipation (erosion of the net worth they will cause including the compounding habits neurologically created for the time remaining in life).

Recall that our choices program us for the future. Self Psychological counselling must encompass this fact.

Hedonistic Pleasures do have a cost that is paid wrt the area under the NetWorth vs Time Graph. It’s basically the area under the curve that suffers, when we buy anything in life, we are making the area under the curve suffer. So the real question to ask is, is the price we are paying for that particular hedonistic pleasure worth the difference in the areas under the curve in the NetWorth vs Time graph of a human.

Actually what matters even more is the area under the happiness obtained vs time graph. Happiness in one sense is “freedom of choice”, freedom to do whatever we choose whenever we choose(subject to adhering to morality & law), and that’s what creates true happiness, often of the form that children experience.

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