Free Will and Morality

Systems of particles that think they have “moral judgement/moral wisdom” set up and enforce laws to inhibit anti-moral behaviour from other systems of particles who supposedly have violated the “moral code” according to the earlier systems of particles. This happens in accordance with the biological principles of propagating the welfare/well-being of the species. Less compassion …

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Stoic Compartmentalization

Stoic Compartmentalization is a Much Needed, Critical Psychological Superpower This is very essential in our multifaceted life on planet earth. Let brute force, intuition, practical rationality and social support of people around us guide us in other domains and disciplines when we are compartmentalising about one or some particular aspects of life. AuthorZenith Athang© highonphysics.com

Quantum Mechanics

Since we cannot interact with the system, without disturbing the system at very small scales, all we can do is compute the probabilities of how the system will behave when we do interact with it. It’s just like saying, we cannot predict w/o extreme computation the result of a flipped coin – heads or tails. …

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